High-quality lubricants for cars are produced under the LUBEX brand at BELGIN OIL, which has international quality standards certificates, such as ISO 9001-TSE ISO 9001 quality management system certificate, ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate.

BELGIN OIL has extensive experience, know-how and the necessary knowledge in the field of industrial lubricants since 1953, which are now represented in the automotive industry by LUBEX automotive lubricants, which are exported and used in more than 40 countries.

The BELGIN OIL laboratory, where LUBEX is being improved, has sufficient competence and modern technologies, and also has a certificate of the Turkish standard, ISO 17025 certificate and is accredited in TURKAK (Turkish accreditation agency).

LUBEX automobile lubricants are manufactured by mixing high-quality base oils with the latest additives made using the latest technologies, which is the result of a long-term research process in the BELGIN OIL laboratories, and meets international and European standards. Automotive LUBEX lubricants are marketed in synthetic, semi-synthetic or mineral products of varying viscosity.

LUBEX has more than 40 OEM approvals from internationally respected manufacturers, the number of which is constantly growing.