Product Description

BELGIN Oil, one of the leading lubricants & grease manufacturers in Turkey, started its operations in 1953, Goztepe, Istanbul. BELGIN is continuously growing in line with its vision and strategy in a sustainable manner.
BELGIN is offering its high-quality products in 5 main categories, -Metal Working Oils, Industrial lubricants, Automotive lubricants, Greases and Marine lubricants- in 34 product groups with 1.000 different synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral type of products to the industry and consumers worldwide.

01 Cooling Fluids
02 Water Soluble Metalworking Fluids
03 Hydraulic Oils
04 Neat Cutting Oils
05 Honing and Electro Erosion Fluids
06 Quenching Oils and Fluids
07 Heat Transfer Oils
08 Lubrication Oils
09 Corrosion Preventive Oils
10 Greases
11 Neat Forming and Deepdrawing Lubricants
12 Water Soluble Forming and Deep Drawing Lubricants
13 Slideway Lubricants
14 Industrial Gear Lubricants
15 Open Gear and Rope Lubricants
16 Hot Forming and Forging Lubricants
17 Wire Drawing Fluids
18 Cleaners
19 Motor Oils
20 Transmission Oils
21 Process Oils
22 Textile Oils
23 Biocides and System Cleaners
24 Glass Process Oils
25 Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids
26 Shockabsorber Oils
27 Mould Release Lubricants
28 Compressor Oils
29 Marine Lubricants
30 Food Grade Lubricants
31 Complementary Automotive Products
32 Chain Oils
33 Various Lubricants